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Price of Active Resin Flooring

We offer high-quality epoxy resin flooring products at a great price for a range of domestic purposes including living rooms, kitchens, and driveways, as well as for commercial and industrial environments.

Typically, the price of floor coating is measured on a per square metre basis. Always remember to include the surface when requesting a quote for resin coating a floor. The following factors influence the price of floor coating. 

  • The quality – There are several factors involved in the cost of a resin floor; or any floor for that matter. The primary cost factor is the quality of the material selected for the floor. A poor quality floor is never a good option because, in the long run, such a floor will fail to perform satisfactorily. Ultimately this can turn out to be a very costly floor. You need to think value for money and how long your floor will last.
  • The resin flooring dimension – The dimensions, or size of the area where the resin flooring will be installed, is typically costed on a per square metre (m2) basis. A bigger flooring space will obviously cost more but this is ultimately cheaper when broken down on cost per sq metre. This is because a bigger area allows for increased efficiencies and economies of scale as resin floors are prepared and installed on-site.
  •  The substrate – If the substrate is of poor quality and needs remedial work before the resin flooring can be applied, this will also increase the overall cost.

All of these factors, to a large extent, determine the final cost of a resin floor service. Going through these with your resin flooring contractor will help determine the cost of your flooring system.

The range of factors above makes it difficult to give you an accurate answer to the question ‘how much does resin flooring cost?’ This might seem expensive when compared to other options, but the durability and performance of resin flooring far exceed that provided by other flooring solutions. For this reason, over its lifetime, resin flooring provides outstanding value.

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Our flooring contractors know how to install flawless flooring and are experts in working with resin and concrete. They are able to explain in detail which resin system is suitable for your industrial and commercial needs as well as how to prepare any suitable surface. The costs can be compared among the resin flooring systems suitable for your needs. 

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