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At Active Resin Flooring, we understand the need for your floors to be stylishly and carefully designed like the rest of your home. We understand that you need a floor that is suitable to the function it of the room.  In a range of carefully curated colours, our resin floors are made available to offer different floor finishes, from non-slip pathways, to  the semblance of polished concrete. Aided by our colour match service, customers can mix and match colours to create bespoke shades that’ll suit them.

Our experts are available when you need them. You can pop over a text or send e-mails any day, any time. We do not hire salesmen on our customer care lines as only our expert technical professionals with loads of experience are ever ready to give free technical and product information, tips and tricks. Our materials are scientifically and technologically tested to ensure safety. We provide flooring solutions and our aim is not just to make sales, but to provide you with the right resin flooring solution for your space.

Materials such as polyurethane epoxy resin and polished concrete flooring are specially developed to make work smarter around the workspace. The designs we recommend for your flooring solutions can be adapted to any colour and shade of choice. Renovating and matching old counters, shelves and tabletops with your new floors won’t be a hard task with our team of experts. Our designs are innovative and fresh to suit your environment. So, if you’re looking to revamp your old flooring for a more aesthetic appeal, our range of high-quality flooring materials are ideal for you. They can be laid over conventional concrete flooring with ease.

Get in touch with us now to make an enquiry about any of our resin flooring solutions; from garage coatings to driveway resin flooring, we have a broad range of solutions for your residential, commercial or industrial space.

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