Domestic Resin Flooring

Are you looking for home resin flooring that suits your style and provides optimum comfort, beauty, durability and safety? If your answer is yes, you are just in the right place for some of the best professionals in the business of domestic resin flooring. 

Resin Flooring is a one-stop shop for the highest standards of resin floor finishing. Made and installed by experts in the industry, and with an impressive collection of diverse decors and coating textures, we believe that you can’t get residential resin flooring done better anywhere else. Our domestic resin flooring comes in bespoke designs and is always tough enough to deal with domestic use.

Resin Floors for Inside and Outside

Our Resin Flooring resins and coatings are elegant and functional for indoors and outdoors. Our resin floors last longer, are more durable, are shiny and sparkling, and are relatively affordable. Whatever the environment, space, concept or problem, you can count on Resin Flooring to offer you the very best of seamless resin flooring solutions, using high-end innovative resin materials and technology delivering eye-catching floor design outcomes. At Resin Flooring we pride ourselves on the fact that we can meet your custom specifications by putting you at the centre of the flooring decision-making process.

We have installed resin floors for gardens, poolsides, kitchens, hallways, balconies, patios, wet rooms,  deckings, entryways, bound driveways, sheds, kennels, bathrooms, sitting rooms, living rooms, garages, outdoors generally, etc. With proven expertise, our resin-coated designs are the industry standard today. Whether it’s epoxy resin colouring or texturing, we are able to combine them with tiles, asphalt, wood or other materials to get your floors looking their best.

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Outdoor Resin Flooring

Our resin flooring solution is a gamechanger in outdoor flooring as it withstands the most unforgiving weather conditions- wind, rain, sun, heat, snow, or salt; without loss of aesthetic or structural integrity. Our resin flooring compositions are well suited to provide elegance, functionality and luxury.

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Kitchen Resin Flooring

Kitchens are a special part of the home. That is why we give special care to the minutest detail when installing our resin floor solutions. Our kitchen resin designs have toughness and hardness and are easy to clean. Our kitchen floors are friendly on the feet and soft and comfortable to the eye and touch. Our kitchen finishing resin is made with natural biopolymers, making them resilient yet gentle on the environment.

Balcony Resin Flooring

For your balcony, Resin Flooring has done away with conventional tiles and vinyl materials. We have a unique mixture of resin which ensures a non-porous surface with no awkward joints, leaving little place for bacteria to hide and grow. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge over the years when it comes to installing balcony flooring. We offer unique resin balcony flooring that goes against tradition. If you’re after an alternative sleek, stylish balcony flooring solution to achieve a seamless finish, our range of products will fit your vision.

Living Room Resin Flooring

Just as our installations stand up to chemical or acid spillage from above, it also holds its own and protects the concrete below from harm too. Resin Flooring’s Resin coated stone and aggregates mix well with colouring to spice up the floor of your living room. Your floors, patios, and garden walkways will form a network of elegance, beauty, splendour and more; as our epoxy designs ensure the same feel in your home, irrespective of living space.

Pool Surrounds

We have remarkable variants of exterior finishes in epoxy that give fresh vibes to your pool floor. Epoxy glue is the best flooring solution when it comes to protecting those outdoor control surfaces. But while many flooring systems face constant attack from elements even if their core materials are of the toughest of materials, our epoxy is of superior quality for almost any outdoor use. We have a huge stock of unique finishes which are available in a huge variety of colours, designs, and textures. Our epoxy resin designs will give you that long-lasting, topnotch shade and enchantment. Your pool surface will remain ever strong and enduring.

Bound Driveways Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring has in its kitty, a special Resin Bound Stone flooring for driveways. We make your driveway beautiful and bold, as we create the same pleasant feel as offered by our unique hardwearing resin flooring, ensuring that the surface is attractive while transforming your driveway. We engage the best resins to offer ultraviolet illumination stability and non-ultraviolet stability systems, all mixed up to impart on your floors the required hardness and grit.

Patios Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring offers a wide range of high-performance resin solutions for your patios and other outside spaces. Pool patios are one of the most common outdoor surfaces requiring a special and protective coating. The combination of intense ultraviolet sunlight, moisture, dirt, dust or foot traffic tends to wear or tear the concrete pool area over time. So let’s prevent that for you by installing our resin bound pavings, which also comes with our drainage system to eliminate all water. They are fit for both domestic and other outdoor areas.

Sheds Resin Flooring

Our epoxy installations are safe from fire, protected from bacterial and micro attack, and they provide adequate surface contact to prevent slippery surface in your shed. All these they do, while withstanding all chemical treatments whatsoever as the years go by.

When you make your pick from our many collections of high-quality epoxy resin flooring, you are placing your shed in safe hands.

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Kennel Resin Flooring

Your pet is not left out of the awesome benefits of Resin Flooring epoxy floor finishing. A flooring system must be able to provide comfort for the dog while upholding hygiene and quality standards. Around the UK, we deploy our Heavy-Duty Epoxy Resin flooring, which has the unrivalled capacity to seamlessly coat areas where contact with animals is likely. Our polyurethane floor system and our high-quality formulations will control and eliminate microbial infestation, and give you that shine and beauty you want your pet to experience.

Bathroom Resin Flooring

Notably, Resin Flooring installations are the perfect pick for indoor locations, particularly bathrooms. With a gentle feel on your feet as you shower, it shields your bathrooms from damp and maintains that unique aura seamlessly to all sections of the apartment. Not forgetting the unique oneness it brings to your home and the ease of maintenance in the process.

Wetroom Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring epoxy resin flooring system presents excellent levels of slip resistance in the wettest of areas. We install out anti-slip flooring system to factories, manufacturing industries, washrooms, and the likes. Coming in a variety of specifications, our epoxy resins are combined with materials from quartz to give you the firmness you need at all times.

Decking Resin Flooring

You can join thousands in the UK who trust our resin solutions for their deckings. Whether for home or factory purposes, our resin decking is anti-slip, dries up quickly, and very attractive.

For well over two decades, Resin Flooring has maintained proficiency in this craft. We have mastered all types of resin materials and for all specifications and locations. We assure you that our solution is better than other types of flooring and serves the best purpose anywhere, any day, anytime.

Hallway Resin Flooring

Ease of use and ease of maintenance is what we bring to your property anywhere in the country to meet your desires. Resin Flooring solution works well, whether at a basement, hideout, or utility room. It maintains its integrity against abrasion of all types at hallways. Unlike solvent-based floor finishes, Resin Flooring Resin Floor Finishings produce no odour once it is dry.

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Entry Way Resin Flooring

Now, you can’t deny the fact that the entrance to your home has to be appealing to the eyes. But coincidentally, that’s the area that receives the most movement and has a high possibility of floor damage. This is the reason our installations on floors are designed to fortify your threshold against water, mud, puddle, or debris. We can make that entrance, whether it’s a vestibule or foyer, more beautiful with our resin flooring.

Study and Home Office

For offices, we specially deploy our seamless polyurethane to ensure you get the feel of your choice.

Dining Room Factories and Industrial  Centres

We install our epoxy and polymer screeds on reinforced concrete to form a pattern that is resistant to depreciation, not minding the workload on it. Your heavy trucks and forklifts weighing hundreds of tons will remarkably have no effect on your floors.

Bedroom Resin Flooring

You definitely do not want your bedroom flooring to look archaic; that is why we install our special resin flooring mix for interior designs, giving you the 21st-century feel. We have elegant colours for you to select your best and have the right ambience for your spaces and environment. Technological progress today means that a floor should have a good system of retaining heat for all purposes and locations.

A lot of people also do not like to spend all day scrubbing the floors. This we have addressed with our resin chemical solution of polymers for your concrete and base floorings. This is better than wood and carpet, while also having the edge with durability and value for money.

Garage Resin Flooring

In a garage setting, our Epoxy flooring solution is equal to the task of carrying heavy loads up and down, while maintaining its structural integrity. Whether it’s your home or your workplace, our resin epoxy installations can withstand the menace of dust and water, and give a splendid look all year round.

Need Epoxy Resin Flooring in South East London?

Whether it is a business, residential, or manufacturing space, our special polyurethane resin epoxy resin, combined with our polished concrete flooring system, slip-resistant and gorgeous floor painting,  means that you will never lose sleep over floor problems.

We boast of a vast array of colourfully painted epoxy resin floor designs, easily installed above asphalt, wood, concrete, or tiles, and giving you an enduring quality that is at the heart of our services. Pick up the phone and ring us now on 0208 6140774 or email us at A team is standing by to answer your questions while offering you a free quotation with no commitment whatsoever. We at Resin Flooring Flooring Ltd are a recognized industry leader and solutions provider in resin floor installations, both in the UK and the EU. Get the best of floors with the best of service and built by the best experts in Europe. You can’t beat that.

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