Kennel Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring for Domestic Kennels

There are various solutions for resin floor finishes in puppy & dog kennels, animal pens, and catteries.  The least expensive option is to give the concrete slab a brushed coating at first lay and leave it like that. The drawback is that concrete is somewhat permeable and as the slab gets older it gets drier and more porous;

This way, animal urine, and water get absorbed by the top surface of the concrete.  It then becomes hard to clean, leading to bad odour. The best solution for catteries, dog kennels, and animal pens is the Basic Resin Floor Paint. Once it is applied and cured, it is easy to clean and hose down.  Like all resin floor coatings, it provides a clean finish that deters fungal or bacterial growth.

What are the benefits of resin flooring in kennels?


Compared to ordinary paint, an epoxy-covered floor is scratch-safe and less likely to chip or split under substantial use, so domestic animals of all sizes can play on the floors, for a long time, without damaging them. 

The life expectancy of an epoxy floor coating depends on various ecological factors, yet it can keep going for five to ten years before requiring re-application.

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Applies over existing concrete

Odds are your building includes a concrete slab. One of the benefits of an epoxy finish is that it can be directly applied to the concrete, and doesn’t require extra materials or hard labor (for example, the application of grout tiles).

It is important to point out here that resin flooring installation requires adequate surface preparation and enough time to dry for it to bond properly with your floor. Moreover, like any other flooring installation, the absence of animals is required during the application of the epoxy coating.

Colorful and Friendly

It can be emotionally tough for pet owners when they leave their pets behind, so it’s essential to convey to clients that your kennel is fun and inviting, not stark and mechanical. 

While epoxy coatings are exceedingly practical, they are gorgeous as well. You can browse various epoxy color choices and patterns like shimmering metallic and color flakes. Hues can be joined to make playful designs or even include helpful directional signs.  Recall that dogs perceive colors differently from humans when selecting your designs. You’ll need to incorporate calming hues, for example, blue and green. Also, avoid the color white as it stresses dogs out.


Many people don’t consider concrete to be a permeable substance but the truth is that it contains numerous tiny pockets of air. Dog urine (since there’s no way to avoid mishaps with the many dogs) and spills can penetrate untreated concrete, and the spaces give room to viruses and bacteria to grow.

An epoxy coating creates an impenetrable barrier for fluids, keeping them on the outside of the floor where they can be wiped up. Some special epoxies even incorporate silver nitrate, an anti-microbial additive that represses the development of bacteria or infections.

Who can use resin floors?

Regardless of the setting, be it industrial or a residential garage, our epoxy floor coatings are designed to give a solid and sturdy finish. Our floor finishes are seamless and suitable for auto mechanic shops, garage floors, and dog kennels. Urine and scratch resistant coating systems are available for all kennel floor types, including:

  • Resort and Hotel-based Kennels
  • Grooming Spas
  • Doggy Daycares
  • Animal Training Facilities

  • Dog Boarding Facilities
  • Municipal Shelters
  • Private Animal Shelters
  • Boarding Catteries

Ensuring an animal-friendly environment

Installing Resin Flooring epoxy flooring in kennels ensures that all staff, guests, and critters are provided a safe and comfortable environment, thus, lessening the occurrence of mold and pollution because of its seamless, safe surface. 

Moreover, when kennel proprietors pick Resin Flooring, there’s an extensive range of floor hues and patterns they can pick from. We offer custom mixes, standard image-enhancement, and texture for every space in the kennel. On request, we can add capricious messages, logos, and directions into the floor finish for that extra touch of warmth and personalization. Our kennel facility flooring is designed with unique specifications and features. They include:

  • Customized levels of slip-resistance, installed depending on the needs of the facility.
  • Super easy and economical cleaning and maintenance 
  • Zero emissions after complete installation
  • Non-porous surfaces to aid in minimizing odor
  • Chemical resistance to animal waste
  • No usage of formaldehyde
  • Fast turnaround processes
  • Exceptional life cycle value and long lasting
  • Floors slope directly to drains or trenches with the installation of crucial cove base options.
  • Zero odours after installation
  • Superior stain, scratch and odor resistance

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Is epoxy flooring scratch resistant?
An epoxy coating will most likely last longer than any other type of coating. Moreover, epoxy coating on its own is scratch resistant due to the composition of its ingredients. Epoxy flooring is not only resistant to scratches, but it is exceptionally durable.
How do you clean epoxy resin floor?
Use a soft bristle broom or a commercial dust mop (available at any home improvement store) for routine maintenance cleaning. Where there is a need to do a thorough clean on a dirty epoxy floor, sweep away loose debris if any, and then clean the floor with a hard foam mop, clear ammonia, and hot water.
Are epoxy floors safe for pets?
With its waterproof sealing, in addition to its easy maintenance, your epoxy finish is not only safe but also damage proof. What’s more, our slip-free coating means that your pets can play and run around the floor safely.
Is epoxy flooring cheaper than other flooring options?
There are various options for kennel flooring available, and while some are more common than epoxy, they do not give your floors protection like epoxy. For instance, painting garage floors are cheaper than epoxy, but odds are, you’ll pay more in repairs over time.