Decking Resin Flooring

Reduced Concrete Use

Resin floored decks use ribbed design, as a result, the concrete required for slab creation is marginally reduced. This does not in any way impair the performance or structural strength of any deck.  Less use of concrete also reduces the overall cost of your deck.

Long – Lasting

The materials used to floor Resin Finished deck are extremely durable especially compared to other available plastic moldings and laminates. Using resin to floor your deck is the ideal solution because of its proprietary sealant component that guards against moisture and water damage, unlike tiles and other available deck covers are prone to chips, cuts, and cracks.

Easy installation

Installing parts such as pipes or cable trays is easy and inexpensive with Resin Finished decks, unlike other flooring options. By using ‘dovetail’ recesses attached to a decking profile, pipes and cable trays can be hung from the underside of a decking.

Weight Saving

Resin Finished Decking is harder and stronger than the other available flooring systems, therefore the size and weight of the base structure can be made smaller. As a result, foundation sizes can become smaller.

How Resin Flooring Decks Are Installed 

Resin finished decks should be installed by expert technicians, however, a determined DIY enthusiast can lay one by using finished trowels. For installation, no unique tool is mandatory. However, if you want high-quality installation and finish, contracting the services of a professional is highly recommended.

Most flooring systems on the market often require a minimum of 2-4 weeks lead time but we have a high stock level. We are able to deliver and make installations within 3-5days.

How Much Does A Resin Finished Decking Cost?

Without a physical consultation, providing an accurate estimate is not possible, as the price is greatly influenced by the following factors. Some of these factors are:

  1. Color
  2. Tool required
  3. Deck type.

  1. Repairs to be made (if any)
  2. Size of the deck

Notwithstanding, resin finished decks are pretty inexpensive and would work well with almost any budget.

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For Your Decking Resin Flooring Needs, Pick Active Resin Flooring

At Active Resin Flooring, we have carefully created unique decks products, such as our signature paint coating to match all kinds of outdoor environments. Our flooring systems are built to combat environmental influences such as moisture from Ice, rain, snow, or UV rays that can cause damage to your deck.  Our flooring system is also low-maintenance and easy to clean.

We are extremely skilled in the construction and design of all kinds of deck flooring. Available for contract all year long, our team is made up of specialists who will help you create the decking of your dreams.

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We provide free quotations and site visits when required. Our fee is very competitive.  You can reach us quickly by filling the contact form we’ve provided or visiting any of our offices nearest to you. We look forward to helping you bring the vision for your deck to life.

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Can I Design My Deck Flooring to Match My Style?
Yes!  Your deck floor is extremely customisable.  You can choose from an array of designs features – pergolas, steps, seating, balustrades, planters and so on. 

Timber decking works especially well with extensions and additional levels or features can be added quickly to meet your style and design requirements. 

What is the time length for Installation?
This will depend on the designs, style, and size of your deck. Basic designs take a shorter time to finish than more complex designs. That said, we always try to work within your timetable so as to ensure that your deck is available for you to use when you need it. Where we are unable to meet your deadline due to the complexity of the project, we will let you know before accepting the project.
Will My Resin Deck Be Slip-resistant?
At Resin Flooring, our resin flooring is made up of materials that render your deck slip-resistant. That said, you will need to keep your deck constantly clean to avoid slip and fall accidents caused by other debris. Thankfully, maintaining a resin floored deck is very easy.