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We provide different price ranges that will fit within your budget regardless of the resin flooring option that you want for your home or business. It doesn’t matter whether need commercial flooring, industrial flooring or decorative flooring for a residential project, we at Active Resin Flooring have the experience to offer other services which you need. Our experts have years of experience in the industry, offering resin flooring services of premium quality. We pride ourselves as market leaders and innovators in the resin flooring industry.

Highest Quality Standards

Our experts at Active Resin Flooring provide many different high-quality products and are known for offering high-end resin floor services, which are customised according to each customer’s specifications.

Our professional management team are all qualified and certified to offer the very best resin flooring installation service. In industrial and commercial flooring projects we go the extra mile to fit around you and work overtime to complete the installation as fast as possible to have a minimum impact during your hours of operation.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Resin Flooring

A number of factors come into play when considering the cost of resin flooring. These factors include:

The size of the area – This is one of the most vital factors to consider. The cost of resin flooring per meter squared will reduce with increasing floor area. The overall cost of a larger floor is higher than a small floor, but the value tends to be better because the cost per square metre of a large floor is lower than that of a small floor.

The substrate – The quality of subfloor (substrate) affects the general cost of resin flooring. A poor-quality subfloor will need to be worked on before the resin flooring commence, which results in a higher cost.

The quality – Resins come in different qualities and with different properties. Different floor resins have different properties in terms of heat resistance, chemical resistance, speed of cure and fading due to ultraviolet effects. The best performing resins cost more.

Get in touch today by phone on 0208 6140774 to get an outline quote for your project over the phone. To provide a detailed resin floor project quote we will visit your location and assess the scope of the flooring work that needs to be done.

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Our resin floor quotes are always transparent, with no hidden extras. We know what it is like to be unclear what you need to pay for a project, so we break your resin floor project down to ensure everything falls within budget.

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