Resin Flooring Style

Styles Of Resin Flooring That Active Resin Flooring Can Offer You

The beauty of resin flooring is that there are so many styles, textures, colours and features to them. You can pretty much have your floor exactly how you want it when you choose to lay resin flooring.

Clear Resin Flooring

The clear epoxy resin that we provide here at our company is specifically designed to provide a flawless finish for many areas, including retail stores and restaurant flooring, as well as domestic floorings such as kitchen, bathrooms, and even garages. Our clear epoxy solutions are not limited to covering floor space, but can also be used to cover tabletops and various other pieces of furniture.

One of the main uses for epoxy resin is to provide a coating solution for concrete flooring. This type of resin has a high molecular weight, which allows it to attach securely to your original flooring.

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Coin Resin Flooring

Thanks to a viral video Internet sensation, many people have sought to opt to have their floors coated with a coin resin solution. The viral video in question had a man coating his kitchen floor with a huge amount of copper coloured coins. Once the coins were set into place, then the resin solution was applied over the top to secure the coins in place and to provide a durable, flawless surface to the floor.

This type of creative flooring solution is extremely cost-effective, however, it is very labour intensive. It may take a while for you to perfectly lay out all of your coins to your exact specifications before applying the epoxy resin coating.

Concrete Resin Flooring

Concrete flooring is preferred by many people due to its durability. However, concrete flooring is well known to crack and degrade over time. Concrete is actually quite an affordable solution, which is contrary to what you may think. However, many people wish to ensure that their concrete flooring remains in great condition for a long time. This is where concrete resin solutions will come in handy.

All the concrete resin solutions that we provide at our company will ensure that your company floor is coated using the most durable, long-lasting epoxy resin materials to ensure the longevity of your flooring.

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3D Resin Flooring

The 3D flooring solutions that we offer in our company will certainly help you to make your floor the main feature in your property. 3D flooring solutions are offered by many people who operate in the retail sector, as the flooring becomes the centrepiece of their shop.

With your 3D flooring solution, you’ll opt to choose from a virtually unlimited selection of styles and designs, ensuring that the flooring you choose to have installed fits perfectly for your project.

Stone Resin Flooring

For centuries, stone flooring has been one of the most popular flooring choices for many property owners. This is due to a variety of factors, but most notably is the fact that stone flooring is extremely hard wearing. Stone flooring can also add the authentic feel to your property and could not be considered a standard feature of any home.

The stone resin flooring solutions we offer at our company are created using thousands if not millions of tiny grains of gravel that are combined together in our transparent resin mix.

Although stone resin flooring solution provides a great authentic look and feel, it also helps the flooring solution become extremely durable and long-lasting. Many people who operate within the commercial sector will opt for stone resin flooring solutions for the fact that it is extremely hard wearing and can withstand huge amounts of foot traffic. Many homeowners also opt for stone resin flooring as it provides a unique decorative look to their living spaces.

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Glitter Resin Flooring

Glitter resin flooring is also an extremely popular choice amongst many of our clients. We combine flakes of glitter and a clear epoxy resin flooring to provide you with a glistening, attractive flooring solution. The glitter flakes that we provide come in a wide variety of colours, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find the right style for your project.

Not only is the glitter resin flooring solution a great idea for many homeowners, many people who work in the retail sector often choose glitter coated resin as it is authentic and pleasing.

Marble Resin Flooring

Marble is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious flooring options. However, having traditional marble flooring installed to your property can prove to be extremely expensive.

This is why at our company, we are able to provide you with extremely cost-effective, marble-effect resin flooring solutions that give your floor that stone and marble finish that you desire. All of the marble residual solutions that we offer are extremely durable and easy to maintain, whilst providing that all-important attractive finish.

Our marble resin flooring solutions are popular amongst many property owners, who have the flooring solution installed to many areas of their home including the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Metallic Resin Flooring

The metallic epoxy flooring solution that we provide at our company is created using tiny fragments of metal which are mixed directly into the resin solution before being applied to the floor. When your metallic resin flooring is being installed, our expert teams will use professional techniques to give your floor an effective finish, ensuring that the metallic fragments are perfectly positioned to reflect light, giving your floor that all-important wow factor.

Wood Resin Flooring

We are able to provide you with resin solutions that coat your wooden flooring. Our coatings can be placed directly onto your wooden flooring, which will provide enhanced layer protection for your wooden floor, as well as providing a durable, non-slip surface that enhances safety.

When installing resin flooring coatings to your wooden floor, it is crucial that the floor be properly prepared prior to the installation. Our team of experts will be able to assist you in this process, ensuring that your wood has been properly sanded down, allowing the epoxy resin to attach properly.

Wooden floor resin solutions are the chosen favourite by many shed owners, who are looking to install a safe and durable coated solution to the wooden floor in their shed.

Over Tiles Resin Flooring

Majority of our epoxy resin flooring solutions can be applied directly on top of your tiled floors. Tiled floors are an extremely popular choice amongst many, however, they have a few downsides including the fact that they are prone to be very slippery if wet. Tiled floors also have to be maintained as dirt and debris can easily get trapped between the grout lines. Here is where our resin solutions come to the rescue.

Our resin solutions can be easily installed directly on top of your original tile floors. This will not only provide an enhanced layer of durability, but it will also help to keep your tile floors looking in mint condition as no dirt or debris can slip between the grout lines. Resin flooring also surpasses the challenge faced by the tile flooring solutions as resin flooring provides a practical non-slip surface, even if it is wet.

Pebble Dashed Resin Flooring

Pebble dashed resin flooring is also a popular choice with many of our customers. Pebble dashed resin flooring provides a unique look in many homes and commercial areas. We use a variety of different pebbles mixed into our epoxy resin coatings which not only provide an awesome finish but also provides an enhanced layer of durability. You can choose from a wide variety of different pebbles to have installed into your property.

We are able to combine our polyurethane resin with the stones to provide a durable, nonslip, and long-lasting flooring solution, and is ideal for many areas including driveways and patio areas. Pebble dashed resin flooring is a popular choice thanks to its elegance, as well as its ability to withstand many years of use.

Polished Resin Flooring

Polished resin flooring is extremely popular for many people who are wishing to revamp their original concrete flooring. Polished resin flooring provides a seamless, durable seal on top of the original flooring, providing an attractive, flawless finish.

Many of our clients choose to have polished resin flooring installed in areas of their home such as kitchens and bathrooms and is also favoured by many people who have underfloor heating as the resin solution has a great ability to retain and radiate the heat provided by the underfloor heating solution.

All of the polished resin flooring solutions that we provide at our company come in a wide variety of designs and colours, you can be sure that you can find the right polished resin solution for your property.

Quartz Resin Flooring

Now, this one is quite special. Much like the pebbledash, metallic, and glitter resin flooring solutions, here at our company, we also provide you with Quartz resin flooring. This is where we combine fragments of pigmented quartz and our epoxy or polyurethane resin solution.

Quartz resin flooring is known to give many areas that wow factor, leaving many customers and clients truly satisfied with the finish. As resin flooring is extremely durable, you will be safe in the knowledge that none of the quartz stone mixtures will become loose from the floor, especially when heavy furniture is placed and moved on the floor.

If you’re looking to give your property that sophisticated, glistening wow factor, then we highly recommend you consider having quartz resin flooring installed to your property.

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Textured Resin Flooring

Not only do we provide a huge selection of colours and designs when it comes to resin flooring solutions, but we are able to also provide a huge variety of different textured coatings. Textured flooring is often favoured by many people who work in commercial and industrial areas, and is most notably used in factories and professional kitchens. The reason textured resin flooring is favoured in these industries is due to the fact that the floor is inherently slip-resistant.

This is why textured resin flooring is chosen by many companies to have installed in their workspaces as it enhances the level of safety.

Our textured resin flooring solution can be applied to many original surfaces, including concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, and even metal flooring solutions.

If you’re looking to enhance the safety of your domestic or commercial workspace, then we simply advise you consider having a textured resin flooring solution applied to your original flooring.

Decorative Resin Flooring

We have already mentioned many of the decorative flooring solutions that we provide here at our company. These include glitter, pebbledash and quartz resin flooring. As well as these designs, we are able to bring you custom decorative resin flooring that will help give your workspace or living area that all-important personal touch. With decorative resin flooring solutions, we will be able to install the resin flooring with any custom design you choose, including pictures and many other patterns.

All of the decorative resin flooring solutions that we provide at our company not only look fantastic but will also provide your floor with an enhanced layer of durability, as well as being extremely low maintenance. The decorative resin flooring solutions that we provide will be extremely safe as they are, by nature, slip resistant.

What’s not to like? A unique, decorative resin flooring solution that is completely customised for your needs, whilst providing an enhanced layer of safety, and also proving to be extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Coloured-Glass Resin Flooring

As the name suggests, coloured-glass resin flooring uses a combination of epoxy resin flooring mixed with fragments of coloured glass. This gives an amazing sparkle to your floor, as well as being durable. During the application process, our expert team members will ensure that the glass chips are all kept underneath the top layer of resin flooring, meaning that there will be no risk of cutting yourself whilst anyone is walking on your floor.

The coloured-glass fragments that we use in our resin flooring solution will help give your flooring that all-important wow factor, whilst also being extremely durable.

To get the most out of your coloured-glass resin flooring, we recommend you opt for a clear resin which will really help the fragments of glass shine through, becoming the main centrepiece of your property.

Terrazzo Resin Flooring

The terrazzo resin flooring solutions that we provide at our company are made up of fragments of marble mixed into our resin flooring coatings. This type of resin flooring is extremely suitable for many commercial and retail areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and other public spaces such as train stations and airports.

The reason that terrazzo resin flooring is a popular choice for many public areas is the fact that it is extremely hard wearing, but also provides a beautiful finish that is authentic and pleasing. Terrazzo resin flooring is said to be originally founded over 600 years ago when Italian miners used spare fragments of marble and set them into their cement based floors.

Terrazzo resin flooring is a great choice for anyone looking for a hard wearing, easy to maintain flooring solution. It also provides an amazing, flawless, and decorative look.

Sand Resin Flooring

Sand resin flooring is an extremely popular choice of many people looking for an enhanced layer of durability with regards to their present flooring solution. Here at our company, we are able to combine a mixture of graded sand into our epoxy resin flooring coatings, which provides an enhanced level of durability, whilst also providing an appealing finish.

We recommend this flooring solution for many of our clients who are looking for hard wearing properties, such as business owners who wish to have the flooring installed in their factories, and also domestic clients who want to have sand resin flooring installed into their garages.

Whilst sand resin flooring solution provides an increased layer of strength, it is also surely cost-effective and will be able to provide you with many years of use providing that it is maintained by regular basis to ensure that it is kept in great condition.

Gloss Resin Flooring

Gloss resin is the perfect solution for anyone who can put an extremely flawless finish their flooring projects. The gloss resin flooring solutions that we provide will come in a variety of different designs and colours, ensuring that your floor is left with that smooth, glossy finish and feel.

This can be a really popular choice with many homeowners, who often have this style of resin flooring installed to their kitchens and bathrooms. Many business owners who operate within the retail sector also have a preference for gloss-finished flooring, as it helps to give their shopping space that added level of sophistication.

The gloss resin flooring solutions that we provide in our company are not just extremely durable and easy to maintain, but also surely cost-effective, making them a sensible choice for many people looking to invest in renovating their original flooring space.

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Having a resin resolution installed in your home, office, warehouse or factory comes with a number of benefits. Not only will it provide your property with an enhanced layer of safety, but it will also provide your space with artistically pleasing, easy to maintain flooring solution that could last a lifetime.

When you are looking to invest in epoxy resin flooring solutions, it is always best to get advice from a professional who is well equipped to correctly install the resin flooring coating, as this can be crucial to how long your resin flooring lasts.

So, if you are interested in having any of the mentioned resin flooring solutions installed in your property, contact one of our expert team members today to see how we can help you with your project. You will also be able to arrange a visit from one of our expert team members who will be able to assess your project prior to giving you a full, free, no obligation breakdown of costs of having any of the above-mentioned resin flooring solutions applied to your project.

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