Coin Style Resin Flooring

Coin Style Resin Flooring For A Living Room

In the past resin flooring was the flooring solution for industrial workspaces but the technology has been improved and updated resin floors are becoming more popular for home interior design, incorporating elegance and practicality as well as easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing durable floor for your residential property.

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Resin floor techniques suitable for your living area.

  • Polished concrete look
  • Quartz screed
  • Epoxy floor coating
  • Self-levelling flooring
  • Elastomeric offering great UV resistance
  • Terrazzo style flake system
  • MMA (methyl methacrylate) screed
  • Resin-bound surfaces

Suggested coin style resin flooring solutions for your family home

Comfort floor

These are sometimes called cushion floors; they are built or fitted by laying or installing a layer of rubber or cork mats. This layer is then overlaid with a polyurethane coat sometimes known as liquid vinyl. They are easy to clean and pose no health risks, cohesive and provide a very contemporary appearance for your living spaces at home.

Micro Cement

Also known as micro screed this is an ornamental screed with a wax coating, it looks a lot like polished concrete. Is a less expensive flooring solution for residential spaces and is a suitable replacement for polished concrete.

Stonex Sand

Smooth textured and beautifully pigmented quartz mixed with epoxy is what the Stonex sand is. It is installed on your floor and made impermeable by mixing with an epoxy gel, this is then coated with a polyurethane finishing for its surface look. The final finish is a resilient, continuous floor surface with beautiful designs and is suitable for living spaces.

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Coin Style Resin floor installation techniques for living areas

The first stage of fitting resin flooring into your residential area is ensuring your floor is properly treated so it does not affect the pouring of the resin. This is very important for a beautiful finish. If your floor finish is unrefined concrete, before we apply the resin, we grind the surface to remove undesired chips and coatings, as well as level the undulating surface so it does not disturb the condition or appearance of the solidified resin floor. Ensuring the floor has a flat, level surface is probably the most important part of the resin application. The floor is thoroughly inspected, all uneven surfaces are levelled and cracks are filled. After we have been completely satisfied that we have a level floor, a viscous primer coat is poured on the floor.

We wait for this primer layer to solidify before we pour in an extra base layer to maintain the flatness of the hardened resin. After all this, the final stage is the application of the main resin coating to your residential flooring. Once this final coating has set, a see-through top layer is applied after the room has been thoroughly cleaned. It might take 3 to 4 days to ensure the resin dries completely after its application, the duration is usually determined by the size and the desired design effects the clients want.

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Why choose Active Resin Flooring for your residential coin style resin floors?

We guarantee that our experts use premium grade resins in all our projects especially in residential floors for bedrooms, living areas and kitchens.

A large percentage of our new customers are gotten by referrals from old customers who are well pleased with previous works we’ve done for them. For this reason, we understand that we have to spare no cost in training our staff and sourcing high-quality products so we can maintain our stellar reputation.

One of our major attributes is how meticulous we in ensuring customer satisfaction. In fact, neither we nor our suppliers ever disengage from a project until our clients are thoroughly impressed with our work.

We have a diverse selection of embellished resin floor finishes as well as highly resistant resin that makes us the premier supplier for interior designers, architects and homeowners. To deliver high-quality jobs in perfect conditions for your projects, we follow your guidelines and give feedback every step of the way. We also provide a wide range of colour schemes and design effects to match your tastes.

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Active Resin Flooring is always associated with top-quality resin. We are known for our excellence and reputation for brilliant customer service. We amassed tons of experience in fixing top-notch resin floors for residential areas over the years.

If you would like a cost estimate or to discuss your desired design effects more thoroughly, please feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email and one of our professionals will be delighted to help.

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Do different colours attract different prices?
All colour options are the same price.
Does Active Resin Flooring deliver service guarantee?
At Active Resin Flooring we provide a guarantee for your floors which means you are not expected to have any issues for many years to come, and in extremely isolated cases when an issue arises you will not have to pay for us to rectify it. Within 14 days of project completion, we deliver your guarantee.
How long does it take to apply resin flooring finish to the living area?
For most resin floor applications, it usually takes 3 to 4 days but your design requirements may differ. However, we ensure we can stick closely to this timeframe. If you have any more enquiries on commercial resin floor finishes give us a phone call.
What is the average cost estimate for installing resin flooring in a residential living space?
The cost of resin application in a residential property usually is determined by factors such as the size of the floor to be covered or the ease of access into the area. Before we can provide you with the correct cost estimate, we need to measure and survey your property. We can also break down the estimate into item by item so you can know how much each item will cost.
Do external spaces with resin floors require a lot of maintenance?
Exterior resin floors do not require a lot of cleaning. Accumulated dust and dirt can easily be gotten rid of with a stiff brush and some water.
Is extra groundwork required and do I have to contract this to a different company?
Our professional resin installers can handle the project from beginning to end even when prepping of the ground is needed.