Concrete Style Resin Flooring

Concrete Style Resin flooring is one of the most sought after flooring solutions of recent times. An attractive, highly durable alternative to more traditional flooring systems, resin concrete flooring not only beautifies your space, it is also less prone to scratches and skid marks, has anti-slip properties, and can fit in virtually any floor space, domestic, commercial or industrial.

Stylish, attractive, and practical, concrete flooring is one of the most common options for modern homes. It is suitable for the kitchens and downstairs bathrooms and works wonders for reception rooms as well. Aside from its good appearance, concrete flooring is durable and resistant to dirt, stains and common spillages. In our opinion, it ages well and looks better with each passing year. Combined with resin, concrete makes even more versatile floors.

Concrete is not affected by underfloor heating and will survive wet areas, making it ideal for both floors and walls.  Suitable for open plan areas, the flooring can help simulate a feeling of space, especially if you use one with a sheen or glossy quality.

Combined Advantages of Concrete Style Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is made from a mixture of synthetic resin and other hardeners which gives it its strength and durability. However, where there is a need for more intensity or floor strength, the ingredient mix grows to include a number of aggregates and cement powder. Where resin is combined with concrete properties like cement powder to create a resin concrete hybrid, this is called PU concrete. PU concrete floors are usually harder than regular concrete floors. 

This kind of flooring is very popular in offices, commercial buildings, homes and shops. It boasts a modern, minimalistic and clean look. Similar to other resin floors, PU flooring is resistant to moisture and very easy to clean. For extra comfort, you have the freedom to add underfloor heating to go with it.

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Beautiful, Tailor-Made PU Concrete Flooring

PU is a good option if you’re looking for a comfortable and clean look for your home or business space. You can even use it to sell your brand as you can display an image or logo on your business floor. PU concrete flooring can be designed to suit your unique design and requirements. It also comes with a wide range of features like non-skid options, glossy surface texture and noise reduction.

Our experts are happy to help you decide the best type of PU concrete to suit your style, personal taste and situation. Concrete resin flooring is available in multiple colours, is wear-resistant, safe, resistant to moisture, maintenance-friendly and fair priced.

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Selecting a PU Concrete Style Resin Floor

A lot of refined concrete flooring available today is manufactured from a cement-based coating mixed with different polymers. Its application is as a ‘screed’ by hand as opposed to pouring like is done with resin. PU concrete has an architectural appearance and is great for fashioning an industrial look. It can be applied on existing flooring, like tiles, provided there is ample stability, and no movement or trapped moisture.

PU concrete is more natural-looking than resin and comes in a range of finishes- from pitted, to polished and smooth, brushed, raked, rugged, and with stone effects and travertine.

Cleaning and Maintaining PU Concrete Style Resin Floor

PU concrete floors need very little maintenance in terms of cleaning. Just sweep away the dirt and then use a recommended cleaner. Majority of concrete floors require cleaning with a damp cloth, but some can be steam cleaned. To protect the surface layer from scratches, you may be required to apply wax, a sealant or clear gaze every once in a while.

The Installation Process

PU concrete comes as a supply-and-fit and should only be installed by an expert. It comes with a guarantee or warranty. 

If you’d like to use the less expensive concrete flags, you can either do it yourself (with much patience and some time on your hands), or you can contract someone to do it for you. Essentially, this is something that you can easily do by yourself, but where you need a professional look and finish, it is recommended that you engage an expert like Resin Flooring.

Where to Buy Concrete Style Resin Flooring

PU concrete flooring is still a niche thing and only a handful of experts will take the job. Thankfully, Resin Flooring has the expertise, resources and qualifications to install PU concrete in any type of location.

To install our much sought after PU concrete solution, you can reach us on 0208 6140774 to arrange a visit to our showroom or get a quote. Our premises are open from 9 to 6 on Mondays through Fridays, and between 10 and 4 PM on Saturdays.

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Can You Fix Cracks And Holes In The Concrete Surface with Epoxy?
We offer a self-levelling product. Even then, we fill any cracks with an epoxy resin paste that makes the patching more durable.
What Do 100% Solids Mean, Anyway?
100% solids is the total percentage of solids in your epoxy coating. Epoxy is referred to being 100% because it is neither diluted with water or a solvent base. This way, it provides a highly durable coating, devoid of any shrinkage that is evident in most water-based products. The Epoxy Flooring system offers the best as far as durability and adhesion go.
What is Better Than Other Floor Sealing Products?
Epoxy is a bi-component product that when mixed creates a great floor sealer. Concrete epoxy is more superior to paint because they form a denser, harder and longer-lasting film.
Where Should You Use PU Concrete Flooring?
Because of their durability and low maintenance quality, PU concrete flooring was initially designed and laid on commercial buildings. They can, however, be used for virtually any room in the house, provided that the subfloor is well conditioned to handle the weight.
What is The Cost of PU Concrete Floor?
The cost of PU concrete installation highly depends on the room dimension and the type of work to be done. The exact figure is calculated based on the case being handled.  The work is getting cheaper with larger rooms, which is why it is highly recommended for open-plan designs. 
Does Temperature Affect the Application?
Extremely high or low temperatures may affect the application of epoxy. The polymeric reaction of the epoxy may be accelerated by temperatures over 29°C and slowed down by temperatures under 13°C. Lower temperature reduces the curing time, while higher temperatures speed it up.