3D Style Resin Flooring

What Is 3D Style Resin Flooring?

The concept of flooring has undergone a radical change with the inception of creative, unique and relatively new 3D technology. 3D resin flooring (self-levelling epoxy flooring) is the brain-child of Resin Flooring. 

3D Resin flooring is versatile and magically transforms your home into a stunning art piece. Flooring options are eclectic and encompass a wide range of murals, designs, textures, and shades that can be customised to suit personal preference.

Where Is 3D Style Resin Flooring Used?

What makes this epoxy 3D floor so upbeat is its ability to add a modern flourish, produce a translucent finish and make floors look irresistible. 3D Resin flooring has afforded incredible opportunities and has taken the flooring industry to the pinnacle of creativity. Some of 3D Resin flooring’s attractive features are:

  • It’s seamless – there are no edges or joints to contend with
  • Real images can be inserted and colours can be mixed to make the floor flow across the room
  • Images, if used, are sealed with a translucent top coat sealer making the floor impermeable to dust, grime, and even dampness
  • There are no constraints and restrictions to using colours and images of personal choice
  • Low maintenance, high-performance, and long-lasting lustre
  • Aesthetically pleasing

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Other Advantages of 3D Style Flooring

Resistant to stains and anti-static

As the translucent coating is made of polymers, the floor handles stains very well and most importantly doesn’t produce static. This is a boon, especially in commercial areas where sources of electricity are large. The polymers in the floor coatings ensure that there is no static build up.

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Smooth and flat resin flooring design

With its seamless design, 3D flooring has a smooth surface and a flowing, flat appearance that is very attractive and enticing. The surface is even and smooth, easy to maintain and easy to use. These floors resist heat and water, remain indifferent to spills and chemicals and are also non-abrasive. They are ideal for industrial and commercial areas.


3D Resin flooring can withstand wear and tear generally caused by heavy furniture and mechanical stress. Its durability automatically makes it an economically viable option.

Easy to clean and maintain

The polyurethane coating is impervious to dust and grime, hence, easy to clean and maintain. These quality floors are hard-wearing and the glossy finish enhances brightness and lighting effects.


The polymer coating is environmentally friendly and safe from germs, bacteria, and fungi. It offers a sustainable, immensely healthy and aesthetic alternative in places where operating conditions are challenging.

Stain-resistant & anti-static

The 3D resin coating on the floors does not accumulate static charge. The floors also take spills in their stride and are unfriendly to stains, regardless of whether it’s gasoline, bleach, oil, or cleansers.


These aesthetically pleasing modern 3D floorings can create any effect by using the right images and colours. Today’s interiors are known for the highlights on the floor rather than on the walls or surroundings.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Flooring?

  • 3D floors are perfect in kindergartens as children revel in the visual appeal that the original designs and images produce. Although wooden floors were once the norm, today’s nurseries have delightful 3D flooring that animate children. Theme parks can become a source of innovation and creativity by having animated films copied on the floor. Once a favourite theme is chosen, the contractor can have it replicated on the floor to produce the desired visual effect.
  • These floors are also cost-effective in the sense that they can withstand a high degree of mechanical stress and strain. The polymers are strong and are resistant to chemical breakdown. Moreover, the question of repair or replacement rarely figures. Expending less on maintenance means more money in the kitty of the firm.
  • Installation is quick and easy and shut down periods are small. Movement of goods and products is smooth and wear and tear on vehicles is also considerably less.
  • 3D Resin flooring is resistant to heat, temperature and is anti-slip. Such floors are safe alternatives for industry and commercial spaces. They are also favoured in pharmaceutical, beverage, packaging and food plants as the floor is hard, long-lasting and free from dust and grime. A high degree of cleanliness can be maintained.

The ‘one-size fits all approach’ makes it possible to have 3D Resin flooring just about anywhere.

Our 3D Resin Flooring Solutions

We have made a name for ourselves as certified installers and our epoxy formulations are made from materials that have resins and hardeners mixed in the right proportion. They bind together to form a tough and glossy product. The material bonds well to the floor and can be applied by rollers or by using squeegees.

A primer metallic coat and a subsequent “100 solids epoxy clear coat or UV resistant urethane” contributes to the glassy and glossy finish that reflects and sparkles. Acid-stained concrete floors are now a thing of the past and customised, creative 3D Resin flooring is the ‘good word’ that’s doing the rounds these days.

Cost of 3D Style Resin Flooring

Major factors that affect the cost of 3D epoxy flooring are lifespan and durability. Factors like total area covered, cost per square footage, and the substrate condition also needs to be considered. Generally, 3D flooring installation ranges from $10-$20 per square feet. However, high-grade materials, complex designs could push up the cost.

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How durable is 3D resin flooring?
Installed properly and correctly, these floors will last a very long time. The surface retains its smoothness, gloss, and colouring. Heavy vehicles or furniture do not impact its surface.
Is 3D resin floor easy to maintain?
The answer is a resounding YES as 3D flooring is non-abrasive, resistant to water, grime, and dust and chemicals. It responds well to dry and wet cleaning, and this task is not time-consuming. The absence of grouts is a huge advantage.
Is 3D resin flooring environmentally friendly?
Free from odours and caustic fumes during installation, the 3D resin floor also remains fungi and bacteria-free during its lifetime. 

3D flooring made its appearance in Europe some years ago and was initially introduced in malls, offices, apartments, and hotels. Today, it has taken over the flooring space in a big way.