Coloured Glass Chips Resin Flooring

Ornamental glass compound chips are used to decorate epoxy-based resin floor finishes. The fragility of glass is not a factor here. An entire household can stamp on a fortified floor coated in glass chippings without any fear of damage.

If you need a customised glass chipped resin floor finish that people would consider too beautiful to be stepped on, Resin Flooring can make it a reality. The side of the floor panel in contact with the substrate can be painted any colour you desire and the glass is grinded for an elevated appearance and given an acid waxing to remove the slippery surface and give it a bright look. The glass can also be coated with a see-through coloured resin for illuminated floors

Qualities Of Our Stained Chipped Glass Resin Floor Finish 

Plain concrete floors are boring, you can easily add glass into the mix to give it a better aesthetic appeal. Glass mixtures can easily be used in place of gravel and sand in the concrete mix at various ratios to create a wide range of design effects including terrazzo and marble and gravel-esque finishes. It can even be made to reflect light like a mirror.

Properties of our stained glass Resin Floor include 

  • Multi-purpose 
  • Enhanced flow
  • Resilient to wears 
  • Self-levelling glass finish 
  • Unique aesthetic appearance
  • Fortification
  • Transparent finish
  • Well designed and properly researched

Our Guarantee

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  • Professional Workmanship
  • 15 Years Experience
  • British Standard Compliant

Why Select Stained Glass Chips For Resin Floor Finish?

People incorporate resin floors for several reasons. Resin floor finishes have high load bearing strength, have a consistent finish as well as easy maintenance due to its dust and liquid resistant properties. It offers suitable protection from both weather and a wide range of chemicals.

Once the Epoxy resin has been set your floor immediately become an air-tight, waterproof and sterile surface with many advantages and if you add stained glass to the mix it becomes a beautiful design feature with glass crystals of 2.55mm thickness which pose no hazards. The lifespan is further enhanced by its non-slippery surface and easy to scrub nature.

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We are an industry leader in the provision of resin floor solutions in the UK. We have sufficient expertise in the laying of wide varieties of epoxy resin floors in new developments and in renovation projects.  We have a reputation across the UK for providing top quality floor finishes.

We have high confidence in our range of services and products that can be applied in a wide range of projects including domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings. We have the technical know-how and experience to ensure your project can meet your requirements and maintain its pristine conditions for a very long period. Many companies offer similar services to ours but none is as well rounded and adaptable as our team at Resin Flooring. We have a proven track record in the food industry, as well as in health and safety requirements. Our work is punctual and is done in a clean manner to ensure we can fulfil your requests every time you work with us. Resin Flooring professionals offer our clients the benefits of expert technical ability in surface preservation and resin floor installation.

Price Estimation For Stained Glass Resin Floors

We offer a wide range of services that are adaptable to various price ranges depending on what your budget and project require. We have the expertise to give you the best results in a wide range of service from decorative to industrial floors. With over 3 decades of experience, our high level of expertise is evident in every stage of our service provision, contact us today for a free quote.

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Choosing the right product and service for your project is essential to its success and after successful installations in locations ranging from stadia to factories across the UK we cannot stress how necessary it is to contact our team early for effective customisation of your project needs.

You can phone us for a quote on XXX. No other company in the industry constantly encourages you to call us for a free round the clock consultations at all hours and at all locations. We are ready whenever you are. Our customer service is a personal relationship and we regularly share useful information, advice and service hacks. You need not fear that you will be unnecessarily hounded because our professionals are not salesmen and they have all the experience required to guide you through. We will even handle your tables, wood rot, and boat leaks.

We are always within easy reach and our services are person to person. We are a science and technology-driven company. We are not one of those unscrupulous one-size-fits-all con enterprises that are popular on the internet advertising inferior quality Chinese manufactured epoxy resins with zero technical knowledge of what they are selling.

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Available colours
Our resin floors are available in virtually every colour. There’s a wide variety of regular colours for all the products we install. We can also specially mix colours to match colour gradients you provide in samples that are not readily available. However, this service is a little more expensive than standard colours but they create more individualistic designs which are worth the extra cost.
What is the best surface for epoxy resin application?
Resin floor coatings can be applied to a wide variety of floor types including marine ply, concrete, screeds, tongue and groove chipboards, many types of tiles, cement Isocretes and other resinous materials.
Can I use resins on my staircase?
At Resin Flooring our resin coatings can be applied to stairs by attaching a timber baton or wooden strip to the front of each step, this allows us to pour resin on each step.