Polished Resin Flooring

Polished resin floors are the new rave of the moment in the flooring industry and they are becoming more popular as time progresses. Already installed concrete slabs can be revamped into a more durable and easy to scrub visually appealing surface with the help of polished resin flooring.

Polished resin flooring can also more environmentally friendly than concrete as it does not need additional raw materials to be manufactured, transported, and installed to ensure its stability.

Reasons to Choose Polished Resin Flooring

In industrial areas, polished resin is often the most viable option because it can withstand the pressure from heavy machinery, traffic, as well as regular movement of forklifts on its surface. It’s also very effective in areas with excessive foot traffic. In such conditions, traditional flooring methods would require frequent maintenance.

Clients who are interested in furnishing their kitchens industrial style usually opt for polished resin floors. With the correct binding agent, polished floors are impermeable, non-slip and do not discolour or stain.

Polished resin floors also give value for money by cutting out the middlemen. Your concrete slab floor doesn’t have to look as boring as a public washroom floor, polish it for a glossy look. Resin Flooring offers polishing services and addresses design features such as floor heating as well as your design standards.

Polished resin concrete floors also possess the resistant properties of concrete and provide versatile protection. If well taken care of it can endure for extended periods without  a scratch, dent, chipping or other forms of deterioration. Polished concrete floors also do not support the thriving of dust mites and animals’ dander dust (all of which thrive in carpets) reducing allergens in the environment, this has earned it an endorsement from the health associations. It’s also a better option than concrete because the environmental impacts of its manufacturing and use are negligible.

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Estimated Cost of Polished Resin Flooring

Various elements determine the cost of polished resin floors, these include: 

The dimensions of the floor surface –

One of the most crucial factors is polished resin floors are price per square metre. The larger the size of the floor per square metre, the higher the cost but it also means the more area you cover the lower the price per square metre. The reason for this is resin is emulsified and applied on site so the larger the coverage the higher the economies of scale and degree of efficiency.

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The Existing Floor Finish –

If the floor finish is in a bad shape and needs maintenance work this would lead to higher costs.

Quality –

In terms of benefits derived from resin flooring like being hard wearing between the diverse types of resin floor systems there are distinctions. Several types of resin floors have various levels of heat and chemical resistance, setting speeds, thickness and weakening by UV rays. Better performance means higher costs.

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Why Choose Resin Flooring For Your Polished Resin Flooring Project?

Whatsoever your polished resin floor needs may be, be it consolidating concrete for dust proofing or the most advanced resin surface coating like epoxy resin, polyurethane or polished concrete Resin Flooring has all your solutions under one roof.

We are the ideal candidate for epoxy resin floor finish requirements because we have over 3 decades of experience in polished concrete and the epoxy resin and polyurethane industry. We provide resin floor finishes throughout the United Kingdom.

We are the trendsetters in superior finishing for poured resin floors and polished concrete flooring and our work ethic is meticulous and brilliant.

If you are considering floor works that are visually pleasing and do not want to undertake huge building projects our solutions should be your preferred option. We can also apply our resin floor finish over existing floor finishes to give it the appearance of a traditional polished concrete floor finishing.

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Who Does The Installation?
Our team of highly skilled professionals carry out the floor system instalment. We assure you an exceptional level of expertise, meticulously delivered functional and embellished floor designs, you have no need to worry. To contact us, your favoured flooring solution experts call 01245 678920.
Colour Options And Designs For Polished Resins?
Resin flooring can be applied in a variety of colours. There’s a wide range of colour selections across every specific product category in our repertoire. If you want a colour that is not available we can easily mix colours and provide you with an almost identical match. Although more expensive floors with blended colouring give you a more eccentric floor design.
How resilient is epoxy floor?
In the market today, epoxy flooring is the most hardwearing system for concrete floors and commercial spaces. In residential homes, epoxy flooring solutions in areas like garages can last for over 10 years. Industrial level chemicals and disinfectants do not pose a threat either. It’s also heat resistant and waterproof making it an ideal floor system for basements. It maintains a level and continuous surface wherever it is installed. New epoxy coatings can easily be applied whenever it shows signs of wearing out.