Commercial Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring for Commercial Spaces

Our solvent free epoxy floor coating with is perfectly suited to most businesses, industrial plants and warehouses where a hygienic or clean floor area is vital.

Our commercial resin flooring installers have worked for tons of commercial projects throughout South East London over many years, and therefore can offer you the peace of mind and trust you want from a professional resin floor installation company.

Commercial Types of Resin Flooring

Bio Resin Resin Flooring

Organic resin is a natural solution to epoxy resin flooring’s many flaws. Our natural resins are hot and smooth underfoot, compared to the restrictions of epoxy resin floors – although it does not necessarily work with underfloor heating.

The natural elasticity of the biopolymers implies that Resin Flooring will not break up the ground like epoxy resin.

Acrylic Resin Flooring

An acrylic slip resin floor paint of high quality is specifically formulated to give most surfaces a tougher, attractive, anti-slip finish. It is intended to cover corridors, changing rooms, steps, staircases and all other floors with a robust anti-slip surface.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy is a durable, appealing flooring solution for your concrete applied in the form of a liquid. An epoxy system utilizes resins and hardeners to produce a difficult plastic layer that easily bonds to your floor when mixed. This produces a solid and lovely floor that protects and supports almost any kind of tough pressure or extreme activity.

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Polyurethane Resin Flooring

A seamless resin flooring system of polyurethane has primary characteristics inhibiting bacterial growth. They are easily cleaned and can also be steam-cleaned at 120°C for a 9 mm thickness setup. Polyurethane flooring devices are designed as a practical, robust floor screen, with great chemical resistance to wear and effect.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Resin Flooring

To minimize downtime and guarantee long-term efficiency, our quick cure MMA flooring provides you with a practical solution. The versatility of use of this form of resin flooring has become widely known in a broad range of markets, including safety glazing, exterior painting, vinyl effect modification, adhesives, light display, etc.

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Liquid Vinyl Resin Flooring

Liquid vinyl, known as comfort board, provides both domestic and retail offices and spaces with a resilient and seamless solution. Where conventional flooring materials may lack comfort and warmth, for a hot and comfortable floor, we use polyurethane.

Liquid vinyl products combine strength and resistance to excellent effect. They also give excellent life cycle costs with UV stabilization and thus have an environmental friendliness of more than 50 renewable natural oil contents.

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Your waterproof epoxy coating does not stain and is not vulnerable to salt damage or other similar solvents. It is also resistant to shock and tires. It is simple to clean and can safeguard and extend the life of garage floors through cracks filling and avoiding fresh ones.

Why Choose Commercial Resin Flooring By Active Resin Flooring?


In addition to a collective pool of general construction, safety and energy efficiency, our senior staff have more than XX years of experience in flooring. Over the years, our main objective has been top quality with consistency; and we make sure all our employees are qualified and well-trained to deliver them.


We are committed to providing quality jobs at Resin Flooring.  As the owners of properties, we know how difficult it is to decide the ideal epoxy flooring option for your business. Be rest assured when dealing with us because we ensure all services are top notch with comprehensive warranties.


We offer affordable and competitive pricing to ensure you enjoy the best value for our quality services. The clear difference with us is that we provide you an extensive and top-quality flooring solution at the best value prices anywhere.

Complete Solution for Flooring

From floor prepping, drainage installation, repair and stabilization of the sheet to supply and installation of the final finish, we give a full flooring solution. We have done it all! We believe strongly that irrespective of the condition of the floor, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the necessary flooring solution.

Full Quality Control

Everyone works directly with our assembly teams. All of our preparations take place on site; and we don’t use subcontractors. We have our own well trained technical team member with a comprehensive floor of preparation facilities, which enables us to carefully track preparations to the greatest standard. All our staff on the site are highly qualified and our training is a constant necessity. We maintain regular specialized classes, including on working in confined spaces, abrasive wheel and different workstations along with toolbox discussions.

We Provide Guarantees

Our warranties and written guarantees on your finished floor and floor coverings are some of the most comprehensive in the resin flooring industry.

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We are expert business epoxy flooring providers in the UK. For decades we have designed and installed high-quality resin floor and wall systems. Investing in specialized machinery for installation and finishing allows us to have full quality control throughout the resin flooring installation process.

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What are the Advantages Of Commercial Resin Flooring?

Coved Skirting

It is used to defend the bottom of spaces from bacterial infection between the floor and wall and is used for the food and drink industry in particular. Including the assembly of stainless-steel drainage systems, we have provided the total flooring packages with concrete kerbs, from resin coved skirtings and edges to epoxy polyurethane and polyaspartic flooring systems, from floor coverings to heavy duty flooring screens.

Cleaning Is Simple

If you want a low maintenance floor covering for concrete, then this is the best option. The epoxy resin floor finish is a sleek glass-like finish with an entirely distinctive appearance that is durable and simple to wash. No unique requirement for our resinous flooring, thereby saving you valuable cash and time. It’ll be incredibly simple to wash your new floor.

Dries Quickly

This is the perfect choice if you need to renovate heavy duty cementitious floor. This flooring scheme has a particularly resilient surface that is suitable for industrial or uneven floors. The surface especially dries rapidly and is usable within 24 hours.

Durable And Hard To Wear

Epoxy floor coverings are robust and durable alternatives for business and industrial flooring in residential environments. Epoxy offers an appealing surface with high efficiency. The extremely hard cover includes state-of-the-art polyaspartic technology. It is ideal for protection of epoxy and decorative finishes as a clear, protective layer directly applicable on concrete or for a longer-term protection.


The most hygienic flooring in the sector is seamless epoxy flooring. Because no cracks and crevices exist, bacteria cannot breed and insects cannot hide. It is best to construct and create a difficult terrain for grime and dirt. Its low maintenance requirements allows it to remain very hygiene for an extended period of time.

Slip Resistant

Flooring Epoxy resin is intended to be non-slip when there is a frequent spill. It combines great foot safety with long-term durability and easy cleaning, plus it is resilient and comfortable with good acoustic characteristics. It is UV-stable so that it does not turn yellow in direct sunlight and it produces a durable, slip-resistant and ornamental surface.  It can be used for driveways, balconies, wooden pitches, shopping areas, showrooms, parking lots, and rubber crumb for the playground field. It is suited to both internal and external areas.

Flawless And Smooth

Resin floors have various advantages over other flooring kinds. This involves a seamless finish without any difficult wearing joints or a need for welding. They are tightly attached to the support so that they do not lift and shred like vinyl floors.


The conventional three-gallon epoxy floor covering kit coats a 2.5-car garage with a suggested 9.7mils in density. In terms of wear resistance, it is almost triple in advantages when compared to aliphatic amine water and epoxy ground paint bases with solvents. It will also easily fill any minute cracks or holes, leaving a sleek glass-like result.

Can Underfloor Heating Be Insalled With Resin Flooring?
It can be used with floor heating and is also resistant to wet spheres so that you can even operate the material seamlessly from floors to walls. With a brilliant or polished resin flooring finish, you can also get a sense of a bigger space.

Thermal Efficency

The number one concern when it comes to a flooring needs is comfort –- People want to be and feel at ease in their living or work space all round the year. Fortunately, this is precisely what a poured resin floor offers, and it is both hot and smooth, appropriate for heating with or without underfloor heating. Our resin floors’ natural elasticity makes it an ideal choice for any size of work or living space, making it easy for the floor to cope with daily traffic and remain clean.

What Styles of Resin Flooring Are Available?


Clear Epoxy Resin is a notable epoxy resin created specially for tabletops, bars, ornamental floor impacts, furniture and creative projects with a lovely tough and clear gloss surface.


Floors, top bars and tabletops may be covered with coin floors. It is also famous for creative works, such as family pictures, wood records, artworks, paintings, carvings, and souvenirs.


Another extremely common option in the business sector is concrete flooring. It comes in a range of colours and finishes perfect for underfloor heating with wonderful heat properties.


For your interior, 3D Flooring is a daring choice. The ground becomes the primary detail, rather than a background. The 3D image automatically creates a backdrop for all decoration walls and even lighting. The 3D floors, which are extremely difficult to wear, last for at least 15 years without changing colour.


For centuries, stone floors have been a popular solution, with an incredibly resistance level an excellent appearance in both traditional and modern houses. A stone design resin floor contains millions of tiny, clear gravel grains.


Glitter Coating is an attractively durable, ornamental solvent-free epoxy floor covering.  The completed gloss resin-based system is dynamic, long-lasting and clean and offers the normal advantages.


The marble resin finish creates a shiny and deep-looking floor with a multitude of colors and visual effects. These lovely floors can be installed in your commercial buildings to make them look extremely appealing. There are endless colour options.


An epoxy metal floor cover is merely a yellowing low-level epoxy with an inherently metallic pigment. In other words, small pigments, almost sparkling, are mixed into an epoxy and then put on the floor or surface.  The method of assembly determines the final appearance of the floor and is a key factor in achieving the required look.


Our pebbles resin floor systems are made of a resin binder made from polyurethane and a natural stone aggregate, and a trowel that is applied to an appropriate prepared substrate, thereby creating a fully connected seamless permeable surface. The eventual outcome is a beautiful natural stone driveway or path without the usual loose rocks.


The flooring of wood resin serves as thin protective layers and as thicker full flooring systems. Commercial floor coverings of thin layers are normally less than a millimeter, but the complete flooring systems can reach a density of up to one centimeter. Polyurethane and epoxy-based resin flooring, which both have distinctive characteristics, are the most popular commercial floor coatings on the market. Coatings can be done on wooden floors as well.

Over Tiles

Over Tiles are a dream for interior designers and business environments, with its flexible resilient flooring feature and appearance. On pedestrian streets, bakeries and kitchens, as well as a variety of factories, resins are similarly used effectively.


Polished resin flooring can turn current concrete labels into visually attractive, durable and easy cleaning surfaces. The most viable choice in comparison with concrete is polished resin flooring which prevents the added carbon footprint of manufacturing, transportation and installation of further products.


Quartz resin floors are produced of a blend of natural or pigmented quartz granulates and a combination of a resin binder. Quartz resin floors can be used in all business fields and are ornamental, durable, and wear resistant.


Resin Flooring provides a wide variety of styles for resin flooring with textured finishing.  Our seamless, epoxy resin floors can be laid on tiling concrete and asphalt and provide a hard-wearing finish in a broad spectrum of strong or ornamental and textured colours. Floor paint with differing degrees of anti-slip finish can be matte, silk or gloss.


The cost-effective solution for business flooring is a sand resin ornamental Resin Flooring floor. Sand is a graded addition during installation to increase the strength and visual attractiveness of the last floor. The resin system includes a gradient. For companies seeking a better flooring solution, sand resin flooring can deliver better durability and resistance than other floor alternatives that do not contain the vital characteristics of resin flooring.


Gloss resin is very slightly painted but in coating applications this is nearly unrecognizable. Ideal for places and spaces with heavy such as factories, workshops, stores, garage floor showrooms, warehouses, car parks and the like. In reality, it is ideal for use on almost all surfaces and in every interior setting where a tough, semi-gloss covering is needed. Moreover, this epoxy floor paint is accessible in various colours and in a silky ornamental finish.


You’ll love the sheer beauty and quality of our decorative resin floor coverings. We are able to supply and install floor coatings which produce an amazing décor. But these floors of resin are hard. We can apply coating with impact resistance and compression strength to withstand even the most heavy-duty applications, depending on your concrete floor structure and the facility’s need.

Coloured Glass Chips

Decorative aggregate chippings for resin-based epoxy floors are colored glass chips. Resin Flooring will build a unique glass chip resin floor. The base will be friendly to paint on with any colour. The glass will be blown with a raised texture and acid polished with a glistening non-slip surface. The surface will be shiny, and the glass can be laminated with transparent colored resin for underlit floors.


Terrazzo consists of an inert marble and epoxy resin ornamental seamless flooring. It offers a high wear and decorative finish in public areas such as airports, hotel lobbies and shopping centers.