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While there are various floor types, choosing one for your home can be quite a challenge. There’s vinyl, ceramic tile, carpet, stone, resilient flooring, and wood, However, for individuals who need a simple, seamless floor without joins, requiring low maintenance, and which has solid eco-qualifications, try the poured bio-resin floor.

Epoxy flooring is a name used interchangeably for poured flooring. There are numerous drawbacks to real epoxy floors anyway, for example, overwhelming contamination of the environment during assembling.  Resin Flooring delivers lovely consistent epoxy floors made by utilising biopolymers of a similar high calibre yet, none of the synthetic epoxy compounds which makes it safe for the environment. For industrial buildings, Epoxy resin flooring is one of the options discussed. It is also considered in a residential environment due to the expansion. However, there are numerous downsides and inconveniences to epoxy resin flooring, and here at Companyxxx, we seek to proffer a more natural alternative.

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Bio-Based Resin Products

Our domestic poured resin floors are not produced using epoxy resin, which is mostly gotten from oil or raw petroleum. Instead, we utilize normal biopolymers that originate from the castor bean – an essential ingredient that is safe to use in our resin and is ecologically practical – safe for the environment. With no harming repercussions, you have the assurance that the materials in your local floors are safe and friendly for the environment. We also take extraordinary pride in the durability of our products

Intimacy, comfort, and security in a home must not be understated; hence it is vital to have the assurance that one can work barefoot in their homes with no risk from solvents that are harmful and possess polluting influences. Our nontoxic biopolymers are entirely safe for the family and discharge no harmful emissions into your home.

Bio Resin Flooring Solutions

We are committed to your security as we seek to give superb poured resin flooring that will have you feeling safe in your home, barefoot or not. Dissimilar to epoxy resin flooring, our non-lethal biopolymers are safe for the entire family. They discharge no harmful emissions into your home and are free from hazardous solvents and polluting influences. Our installers are very experienced as they have worked all over London and the UK for a long time on many private and business ventures – giving you genuine assurance that you have entrusted your resin floors to the specialists.

It is essential to us that you are provided with a personalised service where we provide you with a planner who is specific to your project. They will serve as the point of contact during the entire project and will attend to all your inquiries. During installation, you will find our installers – expert, of course – on site. It takes five working days for installation to be completed and our teams will be on site for the entire duration. Our natural biopolymer resin is poured in layers and left to dry building up to 4mm.

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Describe the longevity of a poured floor – are the floors durable and easy to maintain, especially with kids around?
Yes, the floors are entirely long lasting. Advisably, it is best that you avoid solid white flooring where you have children and frequent pedestrian activity. Generally, it is easier to disguise dirt/dust and odd scratches with busier design techniques like the terrazzo aggregate or colour movement. A pristine lifestyle will be required if you decide to go for a solid finished gloss floor. However, if you utilise sound judgment, poured resin floors can be easy to maintain just like vinyl, wood, or rug.
Is a poured floor installation messy?
It is unquestionably an expert procedure, but it is not as messy as you think! Basically, our floors comprise a few uniquely poured layers that are left to dry afterward – they are let out from a can and spread cautiously utilising a trowel. This way, during residential project installations, we first check that the subfloor doesn’t need any repairs (or prescribe any repairs if needed) after which the first primer layer is poured. Subsequently, the primer layer is added just before the base coat addition (Together, these are about 1mm). The body coat containing the pigment can be roughly 2mm thick. The pigment is what determines the floor colour, after which we then lay one or two seal coats to create a matte silk finish that’s Ultraviolet (UV) stable.
What are the benefits of having a poured resin floor instead of a vinyl floor?
First off, there’s the ecological advantage of utilising a product that’s derived sustainably. However, for vinyl or rubber flooring, these floors typically arrive in tile or sheets structure to minimise wastage. Our floors aren’t just developed in layers, they are equally poured into achieving consistency in any interior. We can work across various floors and in any space, and our specialist installers are professionally trained to complete our projects – so you don’t have to search for, or pay for another installer. We additionally offer total flexibility in design and colour – not at all like vinyl flooring that comes in set arrays.
Pricing-wise, how does resin compare/contrast to Amtico vinyl or porcelain/stone tiles?
Our floors range from xxx per m2, so it is likely more expensive than ceramic tiles – but keep in mind that our price does account for all materials and installation. Our prices are mostly similar to Amtico as well. Please note that with resin, there is no wastage; we only charge for what is poured.