Marble Style Resin Flooring


Marble resin flooring produces a glossy shine and a deep looking floor containing variations of colours and visual effects. These floors look alluring and can be laid in your garage, entryway, or just about anywhere you want to make attractive. This type of flooring solution comes in a variety of colours.

If you are planning on giving your home a new look? A marble resin floor is exactly what you need. Marble resin flooring is ideal for all homes whether it is a high-end modern home or a heavy traffic household that needs extra durability.

Our marble floors can fit any decor and the moisture-resistant characteristics makes epoxy the most suitable choice for your interior surfaces. The final outcome will bring a marked change in the look and feel of your home, converting the applied floor surface into a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean surface that requires little work to keep in good condition. A non–slip additive can be included should slips and falls be a concern.

We combine top-quality clear resin and high grade natural aggregate marble along with recycled materials, to provide you with the topmost quality resin-based paving that is durable, smooth, permeable, UV stable, accessible, easy to maintain and SuDS compliant.

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Why should you settle for Marble Resin Bound Flooring?

Marble resin floors are hard-wearing, contains good thermal properties and are simple to clean.

With this type of resin, we can produce internal and external surfaces for a variety of locations with non-slip floors and pathways made of polished stones, small marble pebbles and coloured quartz.

Ideal for pool edges and exterior walkways paths, Active Resin Flooring resin marble floors are the perfect solution to protect against slip and fall, and other balance-related accidents.

Additionally, our clear aliphatic polyurethane resin is designed uniquely for gravel floors and are reserved for thick finishes that won’t turn yellow even in outdoor surroundings. Marble resin flooring produces a relaxing yet stylish flooring. The blended epoxy resin flooring produces an incredible marble effect which is flawless and offers extended protection and durability against foot traffic as well as heavy furniture. This makes the marble flooring a perfect solution for family games and cinema room.

Even though Marble resin floors are shiny, they still provide a non-slip surface. Floorings covered with epoxy last longer. Furthermore, it is water-resistant and dustproof. This ensures that cleaning up your garage flooring is easy and fast.

Why Choose Active Resin Flooring For Your Marble Resin Flooring?

You are assured of exceptional service and floor because we have some of the best marble resin flooring installers across the UK and Europe. Our team of flooring installers represents quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Resin floors and paving are laid by our professionally trained team, which gives it a smooth finish that is appealing to the eye, slip-resistant, and gentle underfoot, having no loose stone.

We have highly skilled installers that can lay poured resin solutions, screeds, high build flooring, and decorative systems. We also have a team that possesses indepth knowledge of all the materials used in the production and delivery of resin marble floors guaranteed to achieve the very best end results for every application.

Our team is fully trained and certified to the highest standards, always respecting your property and privacy. Customer satisfaction is our watchword. This explains why we never leave a job until you are completely happy with the results. We make use of only the best equipment the industry has to offer. Our service prices are fair, with no bloated add-ons.

We also provide a free, no-obligation quote. Our establishment is fully insured to protect you and your property. We never hard-sell and only offer what’s best for your floor.

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How Much Does Marble Stone Resin Flooring Cost?

The present condition of your floor will have a significant effect on the cost of the work to be done. At Active Resin Flooring we provide preparation as a single service or as part of a flooring package. We provide a bespoke solution that shows our expertise in modern flooring solutions.

That said, the cost of a resin floor is the product of two factors — how large is the site and which of the products have you selected. We calculate the cost per square metre and take into consideration factors like, if the substrate is new, old, or in need of repair, the additional features needed on the floor, how thick and how durable you want your new floor to be.

To have an idea of what your flooring project will cost, please use our online quotation system or call 01245 678920 to order a free, no-obligation quote instantly.

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Reach out to us for more information on the different types of resin flooring installations we specialize in. Our team of professionals will be glad to talk you through all of the options available and to help you decide on a design for your floor project.

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Is epoxy flooring scratch resistant?
An epoxy coating is more durable than pretty much any other type of coating. Epoxy coating alone is scratch resistant due to the mixture of several ingredients. … In fact, you will discover that epoxy flooring is not just resistant to scratches, it is extremely hard-wearing as well.
How much does an epoxy floor cost to have installed?
Average Cost to Epoxy Garage Floors. A typical 250-square-foot, one-car garage costs XXX to XXXX to epoxy. The cost of a two-car garage averaging 400 to 500 square feet ranges from XXX and XXXX. Larger garages and older surfaces requiring more coats may be more expensive.
Can you put epoxy over marble?
You can add the epoxy floor covering on marble, always remember to crush the surface properly. Don’t ever take the Chemical bonding between marble or similar materials and epoxy-based resins for granted.