Easy to Clean Resin Flooring

Kitchen Floors

A place like a kitchen requires optimal hygiene because it is where food is prepared, so it needs a space set up (surfaces where food is prepared and floor)  that is easy to clean. This is one of the reasons why a resin floor is the most suitable option for it. Resin floors are totally flat and completely seamless. This means that no dirt can mount up in difficult to reach spots. A resin floor has no difficult to reach spots. Liquid tight resin is advantageous in the kitchen as they are very strong, and they last long.

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Bakeries needs floors that are skid proof and can withstand heat and chemicals. Most importantly, bakeries need floors that very hygienic; this is the reason why resin floors are the best for bakeries. Resin Flooring offers bakery floors that comply with the HACCP standard.

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Hotels and Restaurants Floors

For hotels and restaurants, it is key that they stick to health and safety regulations. This is why resin flooring is good for hotels and restaurants. We possess vast experience in replacing tiles with resin floors. We also carry out floor repairs, and if necessary, we can have it done overnight.

Healthcare Centres

Hygienic resin flooring does not get stained. Also,  its surface is not slippery, and it’s hygienic. This makes it suitable for places such as hospitals and health centres in schools and colleges. A resin floor is also watertight and is therefore practical for spaces such as wards and operating rooms. All these features of resin floors make them the best option for hospitals as it can help to prevent the spreading of infections.

Bathroom Floors

Hygienic resin floor does not allow the growth of mould and limescale. Therefore it is ideal for all types of bathroom. This is a Resin Flooring seamless bathroom floor.

Our Hygienic and Easy-to-Clean Resin Flooring Solution

Our resin flooring installations are well planned and correctly executed. Each of our flooring solutions is unique and tailored to suit the needs of every client. Our installation process meets the country’s very high health and safety standard, and we finish every project within the client’s specified timeframe. We can also set up other types of flooring materials such as polyurethane and so on.

We have a very durable and hygienic commercial flooring solution. They are ideal for school and education environment, leisure and retail environments, and hospital environment.

Should you have any questions, we have experts who can assist you. They will you visit this site and conduct an exhaustive examination of the site which will allow them to provide the best-customized flooring solution for you.

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Hygienic Resin floor is recommended for hospitals

Resin Flooring resin floorin solutions are spill-resistant and easy to clean. It is highly recommended for hospital floors. Also, it has a thick surface with an eye-catching finish.

Professional Resin Floor Installation

The flooring materials are installed by our trained personnel at Resin Flooring. These professionals are familiar with our products, and we can assure you that they do their job with a high level of proficiency.

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Does the floor get slippery?
We have a wide range of anti-skid additives that can be added to the coating. Depending on the use of the floor and the preference of the client, we can make the floor smooth or rough.
Do you have cracks in your Floor?
Resin flooring can minimise or hide any cracks in the concrete floor when applied in a full chip application. Also, we can repair loose concrete and cracks with a proprietary product, that is stronger than the actual concrete, before applying our coating
How long does the resin floor take to dry?
It takes around X hours for resin coating to dry in a climate-controlled area.