Most dog owners keep their dogs indoors. However, many medium to large breed dogs thrive better outdoors. If you own a large dog, it may be better to build a kennel outdoors for it.

The flooring system you install will play a huge role in the health and safety of your dog. Choosing a flooring system that is durable, easy to clean and hygienic will go a long way in ensuring that your dog has a sanitary and safe place to live in.

In the quick guide, we’ll go over the top three hygienic flooring options for your dog’s kennel.

Plastic Tile Flooring System

A Plastic tile floor is a great addition to your dog’s kennel. It is easy to install, durable and will protect your dog’s feet from injury.

The K9 Yard Kennel Flooring system is a great option. It comes in a diamond pattern that’s easy to use especially for expanding an old kennel.

A Kennel Deck

A great way to keep dirt away from large breed dogs is to use a kennel deck. Made with weatherproof and non-skid materials, this flooring system will keep your dog warm all year round and prevent odour.

A Sealed Concrete Floor

Is your dog’s kennel floored with concrete? It is recommended that you have it sealed. To protect your dog from stepping into its own excrement.

For a quick curing solution, go with a Polyurethane Resin finish. It is also a superb choice if you want a hard, scuff-resistant flooring system for your dog’s kennel.

There are multiple colour options for you to choose from, giving you endless ways to style your dogs kennel.

In Conclusion

When installing a kennel flooring system, it is always a smart choice to place your dog’s bedding and water in the front part of the kennel. This will make it easy for you to wash out the kennel whenever you need to.

You should also consider linking your dog’s kennel floor to a septic system.

Which Dog Kennel Flooring Is The Best?

A great dog kennel flooring system is sanitary, easy to clean, and comfortable for your dog to stand or sit on.

When possible, always test out samples of various flooring systems for a couple of days before committing to a purchase. So you do not end up installing a flooring system that your dog hates.

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