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Colour Options For Your Resin Floor

As you may know, one of the many benefits of a resin floor is the vast array of colour choices available. We have carefully put together an extensive palette of colour shades to match even the most bespoke colour request. This means that you have complete control over the final look of your Resin floor. Even though multiple colour choices is a great benefit of installing a resin floor, settling on a particular colour scheme can be overwhelming. But done right, coloured Resin Floors are unique, beautiful and can dramatically improve the look of any household as well as reinforce brand imagery for organisations.

Listed below are colour combinations that could help guide your choice:

Primary Colours Blends

Resin floor in a primary colour would play well against other primary coloured accents of any room.

For example, if you are trying to create a warm, child-friendly feel in your kitchen, then a resin floor with a primary colour scheme would match perfectly with red barstools, yellow metal beams and a blue kitchen wall. The trick is to work with primary colours of the same tone.


Are you a fan of subtle colour schemes that aren’t clearly defined? If this is the case, you could draw inspiration from multiple sources, especially items that are already present in your space. We have instances where clients draw inspiration from art palette and use this as a guide for their floor design. Another great option is to go with natural grey with undertones of green and brown running through. These shades work well with bright artworks and contemporary furniture with pops of colour. This colour palette also works well with dark grey (and many other colours) and provides a neutral canvas for you to work on.

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Copper and Greys

A popular colour scheme is the combination of warm shades of copper to play against and balance out cool greys. Especially popular in 2015, this look is a stylish addition to any space even today. One of our most distinct resin floor work was done in a penthouse in central London; a fitted kitchen in all copper that included a cutting-edge kitchen island/breakfast bar and full wall insulation. It was absolutely gorgeous and made the room pop.

A classic rule to consider when creating multi-coloured resin floors is to match colour strength. Pastels and brights are harder to match as opposed to two bright colours. You would also need to take into consideration shadows, furniture and other items that are in the space. Another factor to consider is how much natural light comes in during the day as this will affect your floor.

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What Are the Advantages of Coloured Resin Floors?

Resin coloured floors come with a lot of benefits, they are textured, polished and can dramatically brighten up any interior space. They are also easy to clean, long-lasting and hard wearing. An added benefit is that Resin Floors are waterproof, stain resistant and anti-slip, this makes Resin floors very safe. Resin floors are also low maintenance and extremely customisable; with an endless array of patterns, design styles, and colours to match.

Active Resin Flooring The Perfect Choice for Your Resin Floors

Over the years, we have built our expertise in the resin flooring industry. This is reflected in the thousands of satisfied customers we have and our large portfolio of high-quality coloured resin flooring projects. We offer bespoke colour matching services to ensure that you have a lot of colour choices and combinations for your resin floor.

We also provide a natural biopolymer resin that is environmentally friendly and of the highest grade. Our team of installers are experts, dedicated and customer friendly and are available to work in all regions throughout the UK and internationally.

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Will a Coloured Resin Floor Hide the Cracks on My Concrete Floors?
Yes. Whatever crack on the surface of your concrete floor will be completely covered or reduced by our coloured resin coats. If coating your floor will not hide the problem, our installer will fix any imperfection with our proprietary products before laying the Coloured Resin Coat.
How Quickly Can I Use My Coloured Resin Floor?
As quickly as three hours for spaces that are climate controlled.
Can I Clean My Coloured Resin Floor Using Solvent Based or Waterborne Products?
Waterborne or solvent-based products work well with polyurethane, acrylic, or epoxy products. So they are safe to use on your Coloured Resin Floor.
Will My Floor Become Slippery When Wet?
High-gloss resin floors can become slippery when wet. To prevent this, the addition of a non-slip additive is recommended, especially for areas with a lot of foot traffic.