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Why Choose Pebbles as Your Resin Flooring Style?

The pebble resin flooring system is a flexible and innovative stone surface that can cover various spaces, be it indoors or outdoors, new or existing surfaces.  The surface is malleable with skid resistance making it an ideal alternative when replacing concrete. Its qualities allow uneven and damaged concrete to be resurfaced.  The ideal resurfacing solution for pathways, patios, and driveway area is the pebbles resin flooring system. It is elegant and brings class to any setting.

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A polyurethane resin binder blended with a natural stone aggregate is used to create our pebbles resin flooring systems. It is then applied with a trowel to a suitably prepared substrate, thereby creating a surface that is seamless and permeable. The final result is a beautiful stone pathway or driveway without the common loose stones.

The soundproofing quality and the capacity to hinder fire spreading around the home are more benefits of the pebble resin flooring system. The texture of the anti-slip floor is durable, and the surface is profoundly resilient and will make a lasting impression on those who see it.  This flooring system is also suitable for the area surrounding a swimming pool and saunas because of its anti-slip quality.

How Much Does Pebbles Resin Flooring Cost?

The cost of coating an existing floor ranges from XX to XX per square foot, including materials and labour. Price also depends on the number of layers you wish to add, the kind of epoxy you pick, and the floor’s condition before you start. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Why Choose Resin Flooring for Your Pebbles Resin Flooring?

Resin Flooring offers a wide range of resin floorings which includes pebblestone with textured stone finish. Resin Flooring has been in business for decades and has installed and resurfaced over X million square feet of resin floor in XXXlocation and areas around. The perfect solution to worn out concrete is our durable and beautiful epoxy pebblestone flooring system.

Our product offers versatility and quality performance. Pebblestone flooring from us can cover up your failing or damaged concrete. Pebblestone can cover any concrete surface.

Here at Resin Flooring, we use normal biopolymers that originate from an ingredient that’s natural, ecologically practical and safe for use in our resins: the castor bean. Added to this is a bespoke mixture of natural pigments to make a particular colour and finish you have selected. What differentiates us from other resin flooring companies is our commitment to eco-friendly flooring solutions and alternatives like polished concrete.

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Are pebble shower floors hard to clean?
One might expect to get grime feet from walking on a pebbly beach barefoot but not from the bathroom floor. To clean this, apply vinegar all over the surface, let it sit for a few minutes to help soften hard-water deposits and soap scum.
Are pebble shower floors slippery?
Pebble tile floors in the shower will have an enhanced look, but it is not advisable to use in the bathroom because enamelled porcelain is glazed and using it on shower floors may cause accidents because of its slippery texture.
How do you clean pebble floors?
Use a handheld steam cleaner when deep cleaning, it loosens old grime and dirt. Hold the cleaner above 3 to 6 inches of the pebble flooring to remove the old grime, and rinse it with clean water; leave the floor to dry. This works best in a bathroom or shower or with soap suds build-up.
Is epoxy flooring safe for home?
Epoxy flooring is a safe solution only when you use a product that is designed specifically for home use. We have a unique option called the Diamond Flooring, it is 100% solids, and has zero VOCs. During installation, there is no odour, and you are assured that it is safe for you and your home.